War Records



    Joseph Sebring Adair

    Joseph Sebring Adair born on August 15th, 1929 and died in July of 1996. He lived in Stratford all of his life except for when he was over in the Korean War. His middle name was after Sebringville. Joseph’s father, Earl Adair and his mother, Lillian Adair lived on West Gore St. Stratford and owned and operated the telephone answering service for years. Joseph’s wife, Anne Adair, took it over in the early 1970’s. Joseph had 2 brothers – Marvin Adair who still lives in Stratford with his wife Donna, and Lon Adair who lives in Woodstock with his wife Laurie. He coached men’s softball for the Stratford Memorials for many years, with great accomplishments. Joseph had 2 daughters – Joanne Mclaren who lives in Stratford and Tina Cunningham who lives in Cambridge. He was grandfather to 5 – 2 girls and 3 boys.  Joseph worked in many jobs after the war, but ended up as head custodian for the Stratford Armouries until his retirement. He was still a member of the Stratford Armouries and past President of the Army and Navy on his death on July 31, 1996. He was one of the driving forces in getting the Army and Navy to move out to their current location, but unfortunately he passed away before he could see that completed.